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Website traffic: 10 ways to increase your monthly pageviews

Whatever strategy you employ, if it works, do it again.
If it doesn’t, find a new strategy,

For those who want results

Everyone wants traffic.

According to both Alexa, YouTube just replaced Facebook as the second-most popular website, globally. Google is first.

  • American teens use Facebook.
  • 35% of Facebook’s ad audience is under 25.
  • The number of American Facebook users aged 65+ has doubled to 41%
  • Roughly 10 per cent of Facebook users are American.

The information above deals with just Facebook. See more on Facebook Stats and let me know if this convinces you to go online and also have great content strategy and marketing strategy.

I hope you can see that there is a lot of opportunity available for a company, a brand or a product and if you are not on the internet, you should be. 

Some of the ways you can improve your traffic:

1. Facebook Pages & Groups

Facebook has over a billion people online, it is larger than Asia. Worldwide, there are over 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q3 2018 (Facebook MAUs) which is a 10 per cent increase year over year. (Source: Facebook 10/30/18), and at least 1.49 billion log in daily.

You must have heard the stories about Facebook how it’s a lot of work to post content and how moderators of the Facebook don’t approve your post because they considered it spam.

In spite of these stories, Facebook has grown by 10% from last year and so you can’t ignore it as a valid channel to advertise your brand, yourself or your product.

Let me save you the hard work of trying out many strategies only to fail by showing you two strategies that have worked over and over again.

  • Join groups in your niches

Try to spend a little more time on your content, research, write, rewrite and proofread. If it is relevant content that adds value, the moderators would have no choice but to approve information that would be of value to people in the group.

  • Do your monthly campaigns.

Don’t break the bank but spend 5-10 dollars weekly/monthly depending on if you are a growing business or a start-up to ensure that your content is seen and you can capture the people who show interest in your product.

2. Using Twitter as a valid Traffic Source

Twitter is 160 characters or 280 characters depending on your speed at making the switch when it was advertised.

Popular figures such as actors/actresses, musicians, politicians, or scientists are micro blogging on Twitter and sharing their world with others. If Justin Bieber visited your page today and made a comment, how crazy would that be?

That’s what going viral is made of.

Hashtags are the best way to store specific information so you can always go back there to see what other followers are talking about as it concerns #socialmedia101. Also users subscribe to hash tags and are notified when new content crops up on a hashtag they have subscribed to. Use just one hashtag everywhere else, except on Instagram where 20-30 hash tags are recommended so that people can find content relevant to them.

3. Instagram – Traffic maestro

The myth is that Instagram is a favourite for blogs that focus on pictures of travel, food, and photography. The secret to winning on Instagram is taking the best pictures and setting out to captivate your watchers. Exceptional pictures and videos do well on Instagram.

Use between 20-30 hashtags that are relevant to your niche so that when people visit your page via a hashtag they can find something relevant to what they are looking for and social media and make your page their home.

Information relevant to your niche and pictures do pretty well on Instagram, and information drives traffic on Instagram, always look for creative ways to share new information.

4. Pinterest – Long Live Your Content

No one gives Pinterest any attention.

Do you know that every picture that you post on Pinterest has the potential to improve the traffic to your website; this is because there is a link on every single post on Pinterest.

When someone searches for a keyword that’s related to your Pinterest post, it will pop up, the content doesn’t get old.

It is a long term plan that would bring in a constant flow of traffic to your website.

5. Reddit – Viral Content Everywhere!

If you use memes on your blog that are funny and informative then Reddit is the platform for you.

It is jokingly called “The Front Page of the Internet”

Reddit is really strict and has moderators who are paid to ban users so if you make a mistake you’re on exile. So read the rules very well when you join up.

6. Google Ad words – The Bossman or woman

Who else has gone through hell trying to post backlinks? I have.

Do you know that Google can place your content on Forbes or Entrepreneur as a commercial? This will drive targeted traffic to your website; you know that a tech boss or financial giant is visiting your site to come see what is on offer.

This is expensive, just like LinkedIn so be certain that you have enough money to splurge on Google Ads. Invest your budget based on the ROI you want to achieve.

7. Guest Blogging – hello Oprah!

Once or twice a month, guest blog with high ranking sites, submit extraordinary content with value so that you won’t face the challenge of a content that doesn’t pass.

Only accept a guest poster who have obvious value to add to your blog/website and is writing content that your viewers already consider valuable.

8. Engage and Interact

To be a blog, you have to have a distribution plan first.

There is no point writing fantastic stuff no one ever gets to see, or designing a great product that no one knows about, you must have your distribution plan down to a pat first.

Don’t be too uppity to respond to comments. When your visitors see that you respond, whether on your blog or on social media to comments, they would be open to engaging you more.

Your readers/viewers are the most important part of your social life, because they are your evangelists.

9. Email Marketing – Be modern

The first thing about having a successful email marketing plan is to have something valuable to offer. From content to money or gifts, give out something monthly to grow your community.

Information that is trending is always attractive and if you can cash out on being the first to get it, and publicise it, you can use it to grow a sizable number of emails.

10. Do it again

Whatever strategy you employ, if it works, do it again.

If it doesn’t, find a new strategy,

Social media is still a huge experiment. Measure everything. Measure growth and progress and make projections e.g. Facebook, Instagram and Google analytics.

Any time you meet your target, make new projections.

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