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The 400 per cent growth hack for website traffic


You have finally created that business idea, written that book, started that NGO and you have gotten your website designed at the speed of light by some competent human being because this is the smartest medium to connect with the 21st century audience, or readers or listeners according to the medium being employed.

D-day is here and your website is up.

You wait a day for the flood of people who will read and then contact you to engage you on your expertise. Nothing.

You wait a week and then a month, still nothing. You have a miserable 100 views and they leave the website almost as soon as they arrive.

The content is useful, value adding and will change lives, but all of the potential wrapped up in this new project will never see the light of day unless your website is discoverable by the people that need it.

If you are currently experiencing this, the book you now read will answer all the questions you have about generating traffic online for your product or brand. Soon you will have traffic like rain on a stormy day. People will be calling you daily trying to gain expertise from you.

You will have testimonials shortly on how reading your website has changed the lives of the readers.

Through this book, you will learn practical steps to draw traffic to your brand, business or product.

This book will make the sounds of crickets on your website a thing of the past. It will put you on the road to achieving and seeing your dreams come true.

Welcome to a world of adventure and loads of explorations, your life will never be the same.

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