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Your Linkedin Account could be hurting you… what are you going to do about it?

Hi, I am Tessa and I would like to share with you my most popular blog post ever here. Do you remember the fashionable clothes and how lovely that movie the The Devil wears Prada is. I have it at home. I watch it again every time I want to improve my efficiency. Pictures are one of the strongest suits of the social media. Pictures come only second to videos when you want to get people talking on social media. Here’s mine.



I was pissed because I love pictures. Tessa Doghor is a social media assistant for an international company in Lagos. (I prefer the tag social media manager but company structure did this to me. Hopefully it will change soon). Your LinkedIn account could be hurting you.

  1. Put in the time to make it awesome:

How many minutes did you dedicate to making your profile awesome? Recruiters, future employers are checking your profile and your linkedin profile is saying something about you. It had better be saying the right things. Also be diligent enough to complete your linkedin profile. It says a lot about you.

2. Use a great photo:

I am sure you have heard this before: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words‘. Put it to practice. Have a good photo on your linkedin profile. Let it scream integrity, professionalism and excellence. No one knows who you are except you put yourself out there via your corresponding words and actions. Be present, be excellent, show your integrity. Get good quality photos that show clearly who you are. Invest in you. You are the brand.

3. Write a headline that rocks:

Describe yourself in one word. Then describe yourself in a phrase. Try ‘excellent and reliable’ or ‘smart and sassy’. Communicate your three strongest qualities with a phrase that will get the attention of a would-be employer going through your linkedin profile. You should want to catch his/her attention and communicate the value that you would be adding to the company. Think clearly before describing you because it is out there for the world to see if you value who you are or you just leave everything to chance.

4. Maximize the use of the summary section:

Don’t write more than 5 paragraphs or less than 3 paragraphs. Focus on your passion, your drive and your goals. Communicate it effectively. Speak about your skills and your unique qualifications. List the industries you have engaged in the past and the successes you have accomplished. Speak about something you have learned while working in whatever industry you have been in.

5. Your profile is as good as your resume:

Highlight your best accomplishments, don’t just list jobs. Use your experience section to communicate who your work persona is. Use bullet points to highlight various jobs and how your executed them expeditiously. 

6. Display your achievements:

Nigeria is full of employers looking for great employees and employees looking for great employers, you have to be easy to find. Put yourself out there. Ever heard that saying? ‘There are so many graduates that are unemployable’ it used to annoy me because I thought it was a lie. I eventually met some and discovered that just because I knew so many well educated graduates didn’t mean that there weren’t the unemployable ones. If you know you have what it takes, put yourself out there. Be service-oriented because even as an employee, you can be an entrepreneurial employee; one with vision. Entrepreneurs are always looking for employee with vision who are not planning to get stuck in the rut. Let them see what you have got and I promise you we will get so good that we will become the #NewNigeria. Don’t complain about corruption any more, just stand out and be counted.

7. Have 50+ connections: Having less than 50 connections tells the potential employer that you don’t network with people. Or that you are paranoid or hesitant at working or connecting with others or that you do not know how or are too unlearned to take advantage of social media. Be connected to 50-100 people as a starting point. Talk and communicate and also be willing to learn from one another. Don’t disqualify yourself from the job that could be coming that you have not seen yet simply because you do not take yourself seriously enough to complete your Linkedin profile. That dream you have heard since you were a child, put it one paper. Make one of your first goals the decision to fill your linkedin profile. Have a great week! Here is the most interesting post on my blog so far. That intern in ‘The devil wears prada’ made me want to spend 200k on clothes, hair, bags, shoes, accessories; the works. It is absolute heaven to watch that movie. Click here The next post will be on twitter.

Tessa Doghor is a social media manager who lives in Lagos. She manages this site professionally:

She can be found on twitter via @tessbabee

PhotoCredit: Google Images & I-WOW NETWORK

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