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What I do daily… I love to write and talk about people, the good stuff #PRthings

Work is interesting. Really interesting.

When you do what you love doing,

The boring part is the bus rides and avoiding traffic and getting home at odd hours. When am I doing something about that? Soon hopefully. Thank God I don’t have issues with LASTMA or get into freak accidents or trouble with any peeps. There are great advantages to having a covenant with God. I am covered.

Most of what I do daily is create content. When I started up, I was excited at creating original content. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time.

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Now most of what I do is curate content. That also take a lot of time because you have to read and and seeĀ  if it is suitable; and the analyze and see if it is working. I am also working on improving websites that I manage.


I am currently waiting for website designer to finish it. I hate seeing those signs that a website is under construction. What can we do? Companies take time to re-strategize and come out with something different yearly (e.g Facebook, Twitter and co.) at least the online companies.

What are some of the styles you shouldn’t use to increase your ranking on Google?

Hmmm! Don’t write keywords and then color the letters white so that you increase your Google rank, Penguin 3.0 is so going to get you. If you don’t know what that is, that’s what I am talking about. Don’t do any tricks, do the genuine work you need to improve your ranking. Read more

One of the things that you can do though is to write headlines that generate clicks on social media. You know those posts that are so amazing that you put up and expect likes and comment but some very ungenerous people read without commenting. What can you do? They enjoyed it but not enough to like or comment. Or maybe they did not even read it because there were about 500 other articles battling for their attention. Here is what would help. Click here to improve your content.

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Lastly, do you know that some of the things that you do on Facebook could get you banned? Have you ever really those rules and regulations you scan through before clicking “I accept”. So please take the time out to read these and know that you should not break these rules to remain relevant on blogging and facebook-ing. Read more here

See you soon with more gist about taxi cabs and my very busy life as a sapiosexual (read your dictionary, you will get the meaning) who is busy running things for God’s kingdom and on earth.

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