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What does it take to keep people engaged on social media?

I have been juggling between topics to write on my blog. The goal of my blog is to educate you on what makes social media tic. At the risk of losing the interest of some of my blogfam today I will be talking on (figuratively of course) .

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How I cope in a boring class…I jot!

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When I first began my career on social media and keeping people engaged I was working a very difficult job. Every day I had to find better ways of communicating with people and keep them wanting more. I had a principle of not engaging bikini bodies or bad language or anything that could corrupt my mind so I had to be very creative. I could not use tweet fights or the body of a naked girl in growing my twitter account before changing my twitter name. I was willing to take a challenge and it resulted in me building a very lovely social media personae.

I look kinda like the girl in the middle, right?

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My road was tough and because of that I had to work that much harder and it brought out my personality a bit more. People call me an introvert but I know that I am no longer one. I can be anything I want to be, I am able to utilize all the skills at my beck and call (that God gave) to create information that educates and entertains. It is easy to imagine that a social media manager doesn’t do much but put yourself in my shoes for one day and you will realise that there is a skill to what we do and that it is not just about posting on Facebook or Twitter, you must engage the mind of the one reading with your post or tweet and you must make certain that your content is shareable. (Have you seen my post on growing your Twitter fan base?)

I looked for the ugliest troll I could find
I looked for the ugliest troll I could find

Let me recite a story on my first job and how I learned how to come out of my introvert personality and be me in the spur of the moment. I joined Facebook on a whim and began expressing myself in words as writers are wont to do. It was a close-knit community. I won the trust of my Facebook friends so much so that when a troll decided to take me out in 2010 with pictures of naked women, one of my Facebook friends contacted me to inform me of what was going on. Three other friends (one of them a honorary cousin) informed me that my yahoo account was contacting people at 3 am and asking for sex and money. I just thought, ‘na winch? Who be this one now again?” My first inclination was to cry. Anyone who knows me well knows that my sleep is as valuable to me as fried chicken and a glass of milk (My past roommates know this about me). Alas, not everyone knows me well so they just might believe I squelched the inclination to cry (you are not a baby, this is the world system, you have a brain in your head, you have the Holy Ghost, what would help?). I asked my colleague in the office at the time, what can I do? She looked me square in the eye and said, ‘You can’t give up’

My own troll probably looks like this, up at night looking for trouble

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I thought to myself, what can I do? What can I do? What is relationship 101? It applies to all kinds of relationships. ‘Communication is to a relationship what blood is to a human, you can’t stop communicating’. At the time I had 350 friends and it seemed like so many people who were getting a bad impression about me because of that stupid troll. I got on Facebook and posted my first personal status update. I told everyone how I felt and that I was feeling really horrible because someone had hacked my yahoo account and was using it to ask people for sex and money. When I typed the word ‘sex’ I felt my world come crashing down but I plodded on. I told them that I wasn’t the one and that I had been trying all morning to log into my account but I was locked out. I informed them that all the groups I had started on Facebook also had posting of bikini and nude women posted on them and that I was certain it was the work of a troll (even though I did not know the meaning of a troll at the time). I reassured everyone and told them to bear with me that we would not let the troll win and take out our tool for edifying ourselves online.

This is probably more important than my experience

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I sat with bated breath as I waited for responses. Eventually I had about 25 people inbox me on Facebook and on Yahoo explaining how to change my password, what to do to prevent further hacking, how to put approvals on the site and various other ways to keep the site safe. What appeared to be a disastrous morning turned into a terrific day eventually because people were communicating with me and giving me solutions and the troll had actually educated me. So are your online relationships going to be as successful or as eventful as mine, I can’t really say. Every online adventure may not be successful but for everything you do daily, you are learning how to do it better and what not to do. The important thing is to be doing something daily for then truly there is nothing that can stop you.

Results: 350 more people added me on Facebook because I was so open about my trolling/cyber bully challenges so nothing can stop you. Your networks will get better this week because you will learn to communicate better everyday and be generous too with credit, information or freebies.

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 Engage, Engage, Engage

*Troll: Trolling refers to any Internet user behavior that is meant to intentionally anger or frustrate someone else in order to provoke a response

*Cyber Bullying:  a form of online harassment targeting a specific individual or group in a deliberate and hostile manner, or pranking, which similarly involves playing jokes on strangers for one’s amusement, but typically implies more coordination and intent.

Which do you think it was? How did i conquer my troll or cyber bully? What could I have done better? Could I have leveraged better to increase my numbers?

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