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Tools you should use for social media marketing

I have used many tools in my ten years as social media manager but not as many as John. Today I share with you the tools that he has used. Feel free to explore so that you can discover the best tools to use.

My job designation (asides Teacher Chike) should be Chief Figureouter. I routinely spend copious hours at a time and thousands of dollars figuring out tools and internet marketing systems. I do this so that you can ride on my experience instead of wasting time and burning your

I’ve invested the time and wasted the money on your behalf.

This list is for those who want to start Online Businesses but cannot afford the running costs (of tools and services) since they’re yet to make any profits.

Note that there are other options not listed here. The only ones I listed here are the ones that:

  1. Are free or ridiculously cheap
  2. Provide great functionality vis-à-vis their substitutes
  3. I’m currently using or have personally tested at some point

For example, I won’t mention clickfunnels here since their starting price is $97/mo. If you’re already using Clickfunnels in your business, then you might not need this post.


Here is your Online Business on a ShoeString Budget.

  • Landing Page/Funnel Creation: Thrive Themes Page Builder ($67 one-off)
  • Autoresponder: Sendy ($59 one-off) + Amazon SES (PAYG)
  • Web Hosting: VPS with ($7/mo)
  • Domain registration via ($10/yr)
  • Payments (the abroad): (PREFERRED and TESTED),,

Let me pause here to say that Payoneer is a piece of ****. You can continue reading now.

  1. Payments (Naija): (PREFERRED and TESTED),
  2. Virtual Cards: (PREFERRED and TESTED)
  3. File Hosting (for podcasts, mp3 files, Videos for courses and marketing material): Amazon S3 (PREFERRED and TESTED)
  4. Webinars: Facebook Groups (closed/secret) + Facebook Live via OBS (FREE, PREFERRED and TESTED), Google Hangouts via OBS
  5. Messenger Bots: (FREE, PREFERRED and TESTED)
  6. MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform for marketers (I AM CURRENTLY TESTING THIS) I will review and let you know how good it is in a month.
  7. Free Stock Photos: (FREE, PREFERRED and TESTED), (FREE, PREFERRED and TESTED)
  8. Screencasting (for course creation): ($15/yr, PREFERRED and TESTED)
  9. Audio Recordings (for podcasting and co): Audacity (FREE, PREFERRED and TESTED)
  10. Online Meetings/Video Interviews: (FREE, PREFERRED and TESTED), Skype+Skype call recorder
  11. VPN: SurfEasy VPN (FREE but limited), HMA Pro VPN ($10/mo, PREFERRED and TESTED)


Credit: John Obidi

As for me, I can guarantee World Remit when it comes to payment and ClickHost when it comes to hosting.

Feel free to share with me the good, the bad and the ugly.

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I realise that payments on Amazon is not what it should be. Many cannot make payments on Instagram. If you fall into that category, I have an option for you. You can buy the PDF version by sending me an email at or a DM.

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