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The advantage of new media!

Tell me and I’ll forget, Show me and I might remember, Involve me and I’ll understand. – Benjamin Franklin

Watch this video to find about #EricGarner

Last week it was the brown teenager, aged 18.

The (US) police are too violent, it drives me crazy. 41

7\7]Ten years ago, I didn’t have the liberty to get any information beyond what a newspaper editor/writer considered important.  I was reading newspapers from the time I was ten, I fancied myself the next greatest inventor so I did all I could to get the information I needed so that I should not be boring.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care – Maya Angelou

Today I am talking on Brand Sense. What is brand sense about? Brand Sense is when you do business with people and they have a good feeling just by doing business with you. It is employing the five senses of your clients when you do business with them.  Most people buy because of how they feel. No matter what it is, the way people feel matters and goes a long way to affect their buying decisions.

emotional buying

So it matter if your clients like you for it will decide if they buy with you another time. I started my business in January and discovered that even though I could do a good job, most people were not satisfied with my abrupt offhand manner, they wanted to get a feel of me and I discovered that as much as I am professional, I am too closed up, I needed to be able to be vulnerable within certain boundaries so I started reading anything on Brene Brown because I wanted to be successful. So we will learn one thing from her today. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. If you want to serve someone, they are going to have to look in your eyes/heart and trust you and most people go with their gut feelings.


So when branding your product or service company, be aware that the man selling matters. They want to know you, that you are human afterwards they can become life long customers. Say you are sorry when you are wrong, go out of your way to deliver and deliver excellently then go the extra mile.


Do all of this and the chances are that you are engaging their senses, if not all, one at a time. Just keep at it.

Last point, tell a story all the time, about you, your family, ten years ago, business lessons you learned the hard way, the easy way, from a friend, a mentor, a child or even the rising of the sun, a story helps people identify with you and your brand and connect with you. Invest in building relationships with your clients that would span hundreds of years even into generations (Swiss and their watches).

tell your story




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