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Building your house, facebook not dependable…buy a domain today!

Linda’s debacle, when someone tried to steal her website, encouraged me to buy my own domain.

Here is Linda’s new blog:

Linda Ikeji

I went back to her former site and I may buy something from St Genevieve here.

I was riding the bus to the Island this morning and I overhead Yaw on the radio talking about Genevieve’s song and what it took to bring out her album. I personally do not like the album but I love her drive to be successful in life, she’s an icon.

I think I like the jackets. Check it out nau, all you need to do is to click on the above ‘here’.


Let’s get back to the topic. You need your own site. You can’t be satisfied with the social site. All of them are acting funny. The ones who aren’t are just waiting to be big enough. They will eventually all act funny.

 LIB – Linda Ikeji Blog and that guy Ayedee (her friend or business ally) have taught everyone with this drawn out Hollywood movie that it is important to have your own land or using the right term, your own landing page so that you have all your contacts in one place in case decides to play a fast one on you.
I just paid for hosting so soon we’ll be seeing me on my new blog It is not up yet so have some understanding for me.
I used to act in T15 in Unilag so I love the stage. Extracts from “The Wives” showing at Muson today and tomorrow

I manage this site among other sites.

If you are entrepreneur and you don’t have much training and do not have the money to train yourself currently you can follow this site and start practicing the things that you are taught. Don’t forget to add your email to the list so that you can always be reached with new information via email.

I manage Facebook and Twitter pages also. I am building my client list and will email you via my monthly newsletter (soon to be fornighty) as soon as the website is ready.

I bought it via and it is a Nigerian company that has great reviews on customer service which is something pretty valuable to me.

If you are still building your business on social media channels et al, know that you are building your house on sinking sand, you can lose it all suddenly.

Two things that can help you are:

  • Buying a domain and a host
  • Building your subscriber list

Till next time, get busy doing these two things, it is a foundation you require in the long run for your business.

One of the best advice I can give you about being dynamic on social media is to experiment a lot and be yourself. People love authenticity and sincerity because it is so rare. Don’t be afraid of showing who you are.

Last advice: You are not a list of your bad sides, you are a combination of the good and the bad. Show yourself and also be willing and actively changing for the better and be wise about your investments.

 “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” – Maya Angelou, author and poet

Tessa Doghor is a social media manager who lives in Lagos. She manages this site professionally:

She can be found on twitter via @tessbabee

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