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Pinterest drives highest social referral traffic

Pinterest is it.

After paid traffic, Pinterest is the next highest source of traffic.

According to Shareaholic, Pinterest has driven more than 200 million monthly active users. When Pinterest first started it was assumed that it was a female website. Today the stats are telling a different story.

Each of these Pins represents an opportunity to drive traffic to creators.

Take a look at Shareaholic’s 2017 report. It was tracked from mobile and desktop sites. The gist is that Facebook traffic is dropping and Pinterest’s influence has increased by 27.5% as a source of social traffic to sites.

So if you are a blogger or an entrepreneur with a website or one of the bigger brand when it comes to networth, you should be on Pinterest. What are the steps you should seeing as you have new information.

  1. Start your Pinterest account and optimize your content so you can be easily found online. Check out our best practices here.
  2. Claim your domain! This will unlock better analytics and attribution to help you optimize your content.
  3. Use a business account instead of the regular individual account so you can track results and know which content drives more traffic to you.

Here’s an excerpt: 

In our newest Shareaholic Traffic Report, we’re looking at externally referred traffic from 400+ million users to 250K+ mobile and desktop sites and analyzing the shifting trends. The data reveals “share of visits,” a percentage of overall traffic — direct traffic, social referrals, organic search, paid search, etc. We source data from a network of opt-in websites that utilize our content marketing and publishing tools. These sites include a diversity of categories (e.g. food, tech, design, fashion and beauty, marketing, sports, parenting, religion, general news, and many more), with sites ranging from independent blogs to publishing companies to commerce sites. The size of websites in the study varies from less than 1,000 monthly unique visitors to over one million. Rather than working with a static list, we take advantage of an expanding data set as we integrate with new sites.

As traffic patterns change, so should your search and social strategies. This report should help you cash in on the major trends heading into 2018.

See the full report here.

Let me know what you think. Are you using pinterest yet or do you want to dust your cobwebs off your pinterest account now?


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