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Is Your Website Optimized For Mobile?

According to SEO companies more than 65% of traffic come from mobile devices, so if your website is not optimized for mobile, a lot of traffic is According to NCC in September 2014, over 58 million mobile phone subscribers browse the internet in their phone daily. Reports reaching us say the number has grown to over 65 million. 

How does this data help us? If your website is not optimized for mobile, the people using the mobile phones will not be able to reach you and they will be reaching your competition. Wouldn’t that be sad? That you lose business because you are not optimized for mobile. Yes it would be. I will be sharing other things that would get you social in my blog post today.

Did you get my last post was on cyber bullying and what it takes to keep people engaged on social media.


Browsing through the internet I saw Kerry Washington on the cover of Ebony Magazine. Who remembers it? I used to read it every week. What happened to me? I think it was college. It skewed all my likes and dislikes till I didn’t know that I once had a leisure time for reading or maybe it was the internet.

9 things you should pay attention to


  1. Add a number where your readers can click and call or text you so that they can get quick responses to their questions and you can get the leads you need to work to help your business grow. I have one on this page
  2. Add mobile maps with directions so that they know that they are dealing with a real person or business at the other end of the phone line or the physical location of the person representing  a business they are talking to.
  3. Add a contact form so they can write and ask a specific question of what they are inquiring about so that you can write back on how to help them by recommending a company you are partnered with or informing them that you can meet the demands of the service they require.
  4. If possible, use collapsible content and image sliders to keep them focused on one particular thing.
  5. Ensure that it is easy to navigate through the website and that it is not confusing.
  6. Readers may prefer to watch a video, it is easier to understand and it takes less effort.
  7. Make sure the buttons are large enough considering that they will be touching the screen of  a mobile phone.
  8. Link to your full desktop site even if it can only be used on a desktop.
  9. Add your social site and links promoting your mobile site, make use of every chance to reach the end user who needs a problem solved.


That’s it for today. I started the week and discovered that I had another cyber bully on Facebook. Guess what? I simply blocked him after much dilly dallying. No time to waste. I need to use my time in being productive. I wrote this article about money and making money for Connect Nigeria. Please read and leave a comment.

Have a lovely week.

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