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About me

I believe in excellence and value.

“I am a very creative, intelligent, smart and beautiful person.

I believe in God’s kingdom come on earth and in adding value to everyone I come across.

I believe in the God-factor that can cause prosperity and I believe that conquering the marketplace will take more than excellence, integrity and professionalism even though all of that is needed.

You can find details of my qualifications at

One of the quote I listen/read a lot is:

Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good

The latest guest post about me will tell you about my career path. It can be found here.

I am a social media manager and an information addict.

I love information, I love to give out information but I am discerning about the information I share. I share information that changes the minds of people and their lives also with information that adds value.

When I was younger, I was tempted to use my gifting for the devil, I wrote any and everything because it attracted attention. I eventually decided to not go towards that path and so I gave up writing. When I gave my life to Christ, I picked up my gifting again because I wanted to make impact for Christ and because of that even though I knew that pornographic writing sold, I was committed to using my gift for God’s glory and so I started looking for creative ways to catch people’s attention and still live to honor God and the gift that He had given me. That set the boundaries in my life.

I am very astute at creating content that would add value and excellent at using it to drive traffic in whatever direction I see fit but it is 100% of the time investing in lives and property.

I am a contributor for several websites including but not limited to ConnectNigeria. I attend women events which are focused on developing yourself and training to be a world changer. You can find some events here. I am writing a novel and it can be found here.

For my social media expertise.

Visit my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page and judge for yourself if I can do a phenomenal job of being your personal and strategic publicist. Let me assure you that I will do the most thorough work and get you the international acclaim you desire. All it takes is time and commitment.


Contact number: 08112341901

Timeless quotes: You know your testimony is strong when your roots are so deep that other people’s storms will never knock you over.
Shannon L. Alder

(I intend to have a lot of influence and to grow very big spiritually, mentally, financially and be that world changer I was born to be, requires discipline and training and I am committed to that. forward to meeting people of like mind.

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10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Marguerite Madden. Thank you for your mail. I am excited to do a blog swap with you. I am mailing you now. Expect my mail a few minutes from this moment. Yay!

  2. Thanks dear.
    I am building my business on Christian values
    It is pretty hard but I am not giving up
    Give more value.

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