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How to win at content marketing?

Do you always wonder how to make your blog better and how to get content for your website?

That is what is on every bloggers’ mind, the PR personnel (they discovered that they ignore new media at their own peril) and the media team of any company.

They must have heard what I heard. What I discovered was true.

Content is king.

Did you read my blog post on content marketing?

Being  a social media guru, that is one statement I have come across constantly. I have checked the indices on Facebook, Twitter and all of the other media and this is true. If you have good interesting content, people would love being on your blog.

I hear at a conference or read somewhere that marketing is queen.

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Since marketing is so important to the success of your long term goals, it follows that you should have a strategy. The strategy ensure that every single blog post gets to the end user(s). Build your content marketing calendar carefully.


Be Creative: Let it stand out. Let it excite. Make sure it tells a memorable story. Let it teach innovation. Lastly let it inspire a call to action.

Be scientific: Do you want to be remembered? Do you want leads? Is it tested and tried? Do you want it shared? Let this determine the kind of content created.

When it comes to your strategy, focus on keeping to your editorial calendar. This will make tracking your progress easier.


  • Know your target market
  • Know who does what? Who does te content creating? Who does the content sharing?
  • What platforms do you post on?
  • What do you post? How do you determine what is best for eac time?
  • Where do you get your ideas?
  • Who does the measuring? Who does the restrategizing? How long does approval take?

I am starting a content circle of upwardly mobile intelligent people who want to learn and practice what they are learning on their blogs. If you are interested. Holla at me via my about page.

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