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How to make sales?

Making sales is about filling a need.


p style=”text-align: justify;” Some businesses are complaining about not making sales.

What business are you in?

How are sales going?

Do you know that what you need to build your business is to distinguish yourself as one who is interested in adding value to the next man/woman whatever your niche is?

How much do you want to satisfy your customer?

Are you memorable? Do your clients remember you? If you were a fruit, would it be a good taste or a bad taste, tah!

If you have been doing good, great for you. I believe your business must be doing amazing. If you have not, you can make a change.

Note that I am not talking about those clients who cannot be satisfied because they don’t believe in paying good money for good value. Some people just are not your clients, you need to be more discerning.

Value attracts value. Be certain that your product or service is value-adding.

When all the loose ends are tied, you must know that you need to advertise and that advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Google is the in-thing.

No, it is not because social media is in vogue. It is because people have changed the way they communicate. Read my post for more information on that.


Using Google Ads to advertise your business could get you more sales than you can handle. If you are willing to commit to doing a $50 ad everyday for 1 month, call me on 08171312685. I will be writing a post and making sales using Google Ads next. Watch this age.

Meanwhile, please visit my page to see what is for sale currently. I won’t leave you hanging. I have very beautiful affordable furniture for sale. If you are interested, there is a number to call. Just call.

Have a great week and God bless your business

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