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How to conquer on twitter… and also get 30,000 followers!

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I certainly do and there are ways to get there.
Feel free to follow the instructions written above. They work. I know because I manage online content. I can tell you almost off the top of my head when something works and when it doesn’t.
Udo Okonjo, real Estate mogul, West Africa
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I manage two blogs and different Facebook, Twitter and other accounts on media channels. I focus on three major ones but from time to time I swim in the waters of all the different media channels.
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Think on your feet


Love fashionable clothes…heavenly
There are three rules of twitter you must never forget
  • Build relationships
  • Tweet daily about stuff you are passionate about
  • Be yourself, be open, be personal but keep private information private. E.g your house address, your travel destinations etc. Be professional
One of the first advice I would give you is that you ignore social media at your own peril because the way people communicate has changed. It will still change in 6 months, 2 years or 10 years. My job is to predict the trends or see the trends happen and make decisions that help people do business better, even do family better.
Leadership skills extraordinaire
Some of the other stuffs that would help you are:
  • Be serious and professional about social media.
  • Meet the demand of your audience, you are here to serve.
  • Be opinionated, share your life, your thoughts, your experience business and otherwise, just make sure it can help the audience in some way.
 Goal of tweeting: to entertain, help, share, teach.
  •  If you pick another goal, you won’t make it. Don’t use twitter as advertisements board.
    Your audience will tune out.
Be polite, not snotty
  • Be polite, be friendly, be helpful.
  • Use twitter as a BMW to drive traffic to your blog.
    Ensure that they enjoy the drive. Make it interesting.
  • Don’t be uppity or mean, follow people. Just be selective.
  • I mean, I am selective. If you are using colorful language on your Timeline (TL) say for example ‘french‘, I won’t follow you.
  • Just to be clear, I don’t do swear words, no f**k, no s**t, no colorful words.
  • I aim to be as productive as possible and so I guide my mind from thinking the wrong stuff.
  •  Don’t fight on twitter except you are planning to fight with @iamdavido and of course make up at the end. That achieves a purpose. Don’t fight with Davido except you are @wizkiddayo.
@iam_davido and @udookonjo


  • Be witty
  • Don’t tweet on your company info only.
  • Remember to entertain. Chip in about 20% company hardcore content and then the remain 80% should be used in educating, entertaining and sharing.
  • Do let me know what you learned or your comment or your observation.

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