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So I used to freelance in 2008-2013. Those were the early months of Imagineit Inc NG. When I was freelancing in 2008-2009, I was making some money. I was one of the few people making

I widened my circle (Shout out to the members of blogville) and then widened my circle again (shout out to Facebook).

In 2013, I resigned and decided to go solo. For about six months, I was battling with NEPA, internet networks and every other thing that stresses out Nigerian entrepreneurs. I bought a generator (from my sparse budget) and then had to struggle with high cost of petrol on top some clients refusing to pay or refusing to pay on time.

Then the diaspora clients would pay the freelancing site and the freelancing site would say there was no way to pay you. How do you want to help that frustration.

So this past week, I was browsing and came across this guy’s site. His name is Ade and he has a tech site. Click the link: Ade’s Site

He said something about Payoneer and how it was easy to use their site to receive money. In my days of 100 per cent freelancing, Payoneer was one of the sites that frustrated me.

Here’s the short version of the story: In 2013, during my freelancing days, I used my mobile phone to take a picture of my national ID tire (countless times) until one day my village people struck and my wallet got missing with my ID. That was the day I knew it was over with payoneer. If they didn’t approve me with ID card, is it now that they will approve me?

So I made the comment that Payoneer is a joke, and Ade responded and told me to try again that they are different. So one of the days when I was less busy at the office, I tried, logged in my Diamond account as receiving bank and voila, payoneer had approved me. I was flabbergasted.

So the idea of this post is to help other freelancers and make life easy for you. So of all the sites I am mentioning, you can work for them and get paid in your bank account through payoneer. Shout out to payoneer.

We are still waiting for paypal and medium to allow us work with them.

Don’t punish 180 million Nigerians because of the scammers that went before us. Do business with Nigeria and Nigerians, we are very enterprising.

So here’s the summary of the article

The words in black after this point are Ade’s and the words in orange are my experience working with the sites mentioned below. This will guide you in deciding which of the site’s to work with.

One advantage of this post is that all sites listed below make payments to Nigerian banks, that is while we are still waiting for flutterwave to start receiving payments from other sites.

Top Freelancing Websites That Accept and Pay Nigerians

It’s the first, it’s the biggest and it’s the best. If you need a freelancing website that accepts everyone, you don’t have to look any further. Upwork was formerly Odesk. I started working on this freelancing website part-time in 2015, later that year they changed to Upwork, and ever since the 21st of September 2017, I have been working on this freelancing website fulltime.

Upwork has over 1.5 million clients, do you know what that means? Enough jobs for everyone. On average, a new job is posted every second, which means over 1440 jobs a day. Upwork offers you hourly and fixed rate projects, and that means you all have something for your skill level.

Upwork has one of the strongest anti-spam and anti-crime systems I know of. The company goes as far as conducting video interviews to verify the identity of freelancers, so you had better not even try using images of foreigners. They also request for identification, so you also might be better off using your real credentials.

For Nigerians, Upwork even offers you an option of withdrawing your funds to Nigerian banks, and with payment wahala out of it all, I think 60 percent of your problem is solved.

The problem, though is the other 40 percent. Just as the website boasts of a massive client base, it also boasts of a massive freelancer base. That means that people competing for specific jobs are really many, and that makes it really hard for starters to get jobs. In a future article, I wouldn’t mind sharing tips on how you can earn more using Upwork.

Overall, I will choose this over the others on this list. Feel free though to request for free consultation, I wouldn’t mind helping you if your profile has not been approved.

So upwork used to be elance too. They paid the best. Freelancer paid the worst at  the time. Indians would be charging you one dollar 50 for an article and are always complaing constantly. Then when Nigerians did use you, they would scam you out of being paid. I just wondered if the Nigerians were being coached by Lebanese. Don’t write any test articles, they use your test articles, they just don’t pay you. I have suffered in the freelancing world. I would be left wishing that God would use a big hammer to know the heads of the people who didn’t pay.

Top Freelancing Websites That Accept and Pay Nigerians

Offering you services in form of gigs, Fiverr reduces the stress of clients by making it easier to hire, freelancers. All clients need to do is buy your gig, and that’s all you ever need. You deliver the gig, they approve and you get paid.

Fiveer pays to your Payoneer card, and that’s a plus for Nigerians. One thing I really hated with Fiverr was the fact that payments take close to two weeks to clear. I remembered selling my online store, then waiting so long for the company to allow me to receive my money, and this was after all the deductions that they had to make.

If you are a newbie, Fiverr may not be the best bet if you need quick money as the website doesn’t really favor first-timers, so you might have to be patient in the long run.

Some of my best clients have come from fiverr. Just be sure to negotiate before you start work. Your work is adding value or they wouldn’t be asking for it. Also, don’t let them talk you down, everyone uses that strategy, they call it negotiation skills.

Top Freelancing Websites That Accept and Pay Nigerians

I have been in the writing field, so I have not been able to try this company because they do not offer jobs for my skillset. They basically cater to top-class freelancers in software developing, designing and finance, and these are all world-class talents.

So if you haven’t tried your hands well in your industry, you might find it best to stay off for the time being.

Toptal boasts of clients who are ONLY there to source top talents, so if you manage to scale through the rigorous screening, you might be having a really big cake seating in front of you.

I have never used them. If you have used them, do share about it in the comments section. Are they any good? offers you millions of projects, just like Upwork, but for some reason, I wouldn’t encourage Nigerians to join it. In contrast to Upwork, charges you to take skill tests, is also not a place for a newbie to start.

I want to understand that most of you reading this article are complete newbies, but if you’re not, and if you’re confident in your skills and you’re competitive, you might want to give this freelancing website a trial.

The website has a really lackluster control of fraud on its platform as far as I know, and that’s one thing that drove me a mile away, but working on this and improving freelancer satisfaction will make this freelancing website stand out. With your Payoneer account, you will be able to receive your earnings, so nothing beats it.

These ones once deducted my money for so called lessons. Then deducted my 39 dollars for business plus category, promised to refund it, but never did. I can recommend them. It is more work and no gain. I have no idea how they sleep at night. If you have a good experience with them, do let me know in the comment section.

Guru has been around for as long as I can remember. One of the things that drove me away was the really complicated registration process.

Guru makes it really easy for you to showcase your past work experience, and it offers you daily jobs that match your skills, so you never have to worry about missing jobs that match your skills and experience.

With the Guru Work Room, you’ll find managing your work a breeze, and interestingly, you will be able to receive payments with ease.

I never even got a response, no one wanted me to write for them or ever emailed me. If you had a good experience, please leave a comment.

Top Freelancing Websites That Accept and Pay Nigerians is targeted at designers mainly, and it has been doing really great underground. 99designs has raised the bar by niching down. Clients looking for designing gigs know where to go, and nothing is better than that.

Feel free to share your questions and challenges using these platforms. I will be happy to get you started on your freelancing journey.

Also, share this post on social media, you might get it in front of other freelancers who are better than I am, you sure need all the help you can get at this point.

I have never used this service so if you have had a good experience, you can share it in the comment section.

So you can actually get paid in your Nigerian bank account. That was the most thrilling news I heard today.

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