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Good content sells, the only things that works better is curating!

We live in an era where information is what is selling. The industrial age is long gone. The information age is what is ruling the air waves currently.

If you don’t believe me, ask GEJ and GMB if they could ignore the social media. Just watching the fights happening on Facebook and Twitter daily is amusing. Both sides are struggling to dominate the social media platform and be more popular than the other because they could possible ignore the huge percentage of Nigerians who say they are not voting. Who will you be voting for?

Content is selling.

Good content, bad content, even offensive content is selling.

What matters most in this age is the passing out of information and the possibility that others will be influenced by the information that they hear and see.

Who has seen this?
Who has seen this?

The most appropriate question to ask is, who hasn’t? Coca Cola as usual don’t dull when it comes to engaging advertisements whatever their reasons for doing them.

When it comes to content marketing, you should be thinking of what people would see that would cause them to not leave the page without sharing. I have seen my share of content that I cannot ignore. Have you seen any?

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PS. When you have no time to create really good content, instead of putting up bad content, curate something. Do you know what curation is?

Also, who I am voting for is a secret, somewhat!

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