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Engagement: It keeps your content alive

Sell the problem you solve not the product, using engagement.

This is the internet age, the age of selfies and Snapchat videos, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Twitter Live. So those of us who thought we were just writers, or manufacturers or CEOs, we all have to move into public space, we all have to learn public speaking on the go.

When we are on the internet we can see what was done excellently and what wasn’t pretty easily. So many people are trying to sell their brand simply by saying “buy this product” instead of looking out for the problem this solves and marketing that. Any great content whether text, picture or video will create some degree of engagement for you. Your job as a good strategist is to make the engagement work for you by shedding light on the problem that you solve or that your brand solves. That would ensure that you don’t waste the engagement you stumbled on worked hard to get.

Your product must solve a problem for any investor to invest or buy into it. You must show the investor the problem that your product solves. The consumers must also see the problem your product solves before buying the product. You must put the focus on the problem you solve via engagement on social media.

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth – Peter Drucker

Innovation will help you look for new ways to market your product that puts the problem you solve at the forefront of your marketing. You need to create marketing focusing on solutions and not just on your brand. Sell the problem that it solves, and you are selling your brand.

Sell the problem that it solves, and you are selling your brand.

Simple fact: Let’s assume a potential customer is on the internet and you have your SEO right, and they type in one of your keywords and see your content, would the content they see be solving a problem they might be looking for a solution for?

Think about the answer carefully before you write your next content for marketing. Everything must be strategic.  If you sell bread, focus on the problem the bread you sell solves.

Firstly it solves the problem of hunger. It also solves the problem of a eating something pleasant that is appealing to a demography who won’t buy just any bread to consume. They want the best bread. You need to think of answering that need.

Once the product is perfect, you need marketing, that is creating engagement on social media, forums and discussion boards to bring some attention to that problem that you/your brand solves.

Get a unique selling point that sets you apart from other brands that might want to step in with their own marketing to compete. You need to beat the competition by standing out and being in the eyes of your consumer.  It could be your attention to detail and thus a spirit of excellence that shows in the finishing of your products.

Whatever you do this season, sell yourself by selling the problem(s) that you solve. Create engagement around the problem that you solve so that you attract the attention of potential clients. You will smile to the bank.


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