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Creating Quality Content? What are the resourceful skills you use?

I have been creating content since high school. I was busy with college and stage acting in college so I didn’t create any content till after college. When I decided I wanted to ccreate content,

I stole this off Ofili's Blog
I stole this off Ofili’s Blog

I also wrote this article on apps and how it is getting so popular in Nigeria. Do you have an app yet? There are so many opportunities to cash in on in this #newnigeria. Are you seeing the possibilities?

Look out for the articles I will be writing about apps in the month of May.

What I would like to answer is the thing on the mind of every entrepreneur, every artist, every blogger, every newspaper house.

How do I get quality content?

Truth? Most times I do not know. I just get into that frame of mind that I create good quality content that teaches what people want to know without the fancy words. They just get it. I get happy when I have taught something that will change another person’s life.

I enjoy writing and blogging. It is a means of expression. When you express yourself, people want to listen to you and talk back to you too.

Some features of great content that catches attention, teaches people stuff and gets shared (what we all secretly pray and hope for) are:

  • It is interesting and easy to understand
  • The article changes someone’s life or gets into the heart of the readers
  • The content addresses and issue that matters
  • The content creates the desire to interact or speak back to the reader
  • The content generates a sequel

What are the features of your favourite content or one you have read in a book, or online.

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On the side, email or call me if you are interested in a writer’s conference. Or just leave a comment. One is coming up in a couple of days somewhere on the island. Excited? Check the about page for my contact details.

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