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Building Authority…

Building authority? How does that happen?

The way people communicate is changing daily.
People communicate via mobile phones now more than ever before. One of the ways in which you can build authority on digital media is by building content that answers question and presents a solution because the world is full of problems and leaders are looking for solutions.

 You can determine to become part of the solution and ensure that your organization is a solution provider.
How does building authority happen? How does building authority in your niches occur? It happens by blogging daily. It happens by writing short or long (depending on what stirs your coffee in the morning) posts.
Blogging once or twice a week consistently will help people find you online and build their trust in you and in your organization. People will then listen/read your podcasts or posts weekly, then monthly and soon they will be recommending you to their friends, family and network as a solution provider.  You will get leads, manage your connections and build confidence to inspire the sales.
How do you establish authority in the market?
It is helpful to let people know the jobs that you have executed. Listing your credentials and your experience and your skillsets in your niche industry is a huge help. Branding is what life is about because everyone is always selling something. You are either selling yourself or you are selling your business.
The second way is to teach.
The world is desperate for human connection even though they might never see you in the flesh or touch you. The human being was created to connect with other human beings. So take this basic knowledge, add understanding, open your heart and communicate.  Teach through words, pictures and videos. This is the way the modern world communicates. This is what generates engagement on social media channels.
Find the platform that works for you. Be sure to open your heart and communicate and be willing to serve, passionate about what you do and give it 100% commitment. That way you will kick start your media network and soon real people will be calling, meeting up with you and doing business with you.
Put the time you need to build trust till the people on the other end of the content you are sending out trust you enough to connect.

P.S. Meet clients in your office. If you don’t have an office yet, meet in a public place. If you are a small business owner, meet at an eatery or a hotel.

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