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I have almost 10 years of experience working in social media and digital advertising or marketing. Back in 2006 I was the editor of a magazine but I had distribution issues and to solve those issues, I began using social media. Today I am all about digital.

Many ways in which advertising has changed and why you should try #digital

It is 2017. What is happening today? It is another work day for my day job. Designing graphics and doing the digital razzmatazz of putting out content, gaining brand awarenessleads and sales. In other parts of the nation like Benue and other parts of the world like Texas & Bangladesh terrible floods are happening that are claiming lives and leaving people homeless.

If it was the year 1990, it would take at least a week to get this information across the country. In the days of digital media, information travels at the touch of a button.

Take a close look at this infograph that was sourced from my favourite website and see the difference between advertising in 1990 and in 2017.

Today’s marketing requires that you learn email marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media, web design and even advertise on niche websites to keep up with your competitors. E.g if you were looking for a site that business people, investors and entrepreneurs frequent, BusinessDay Nigeria website would be your site of choice.

You need influencers. 33% of marketing budgets is put towards marketing technology and 80% of firms have a marketing technologist. If you don’t have a developer or data scientist to help you read data and sort through leads, you might very well be living in the 90s.

What do you do to move your company into the year 2017?

Start small

  • Learn Digital


Be open to learning new things. Learn Digital, Learn SEO & SEM, employ email marketing strategies. Start branding your company and staff on Social Media platforms. Be willing to do customer care online. Be willing to create solutions very quickly so your customer service doesn’t boomerang on you. Get marketing strategists working on your platforms and be willing to innovate every few months to meet the needs of your clients.


  • Have a budget:

No matter how small the budget is, get one and be consistent in the way that you use it. Get consistent reports either monthly or quarterly that you use in measuring your progress in increasing brand awareness and getting leads.


  • Work your funnel

Get your funnel full of leads and sort them based on the needs that they have that your company can meet.


  • Innovate

Change again every few months so that you can outsmart your competitors and keep the audience on your client list busy.


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