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7 things that make email marketing a big deal

Email marketing can escalate the results you are getting if you know when to offer a product or how to extract the emails of your visitors.

What do you own on social media?

If you read the terms and conditions no one really reads before they sign up on any social media platform, you find out that those accounts don’t really belong to you. The social media company can adjust the settings or design as they are moved; they can continuously change the interface to make their platform look better. What you do have control over is the domain that you buy.

To interact better with your domain, you need to build a list of people who visit your site. One simple way you can do this present an exclusive PDF version of an event or conference in exchange for their email. Most people who understand value will jump at this offer and help in effectively building a list you can now use in selling future products.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending out weekly newsletters to your potential clients. A newsletter is an email that contains useful information or products that would add value to your potential clients. This is a quick way to inform a large number of people about the products or books available at your office (virtual or fixed).

Why is email marketing important?

It is important because it is the one way in which you can sell the products in your office to people you know are already interested in your niche because they have been referred by someone who knows the value of your product or has seen the value of your product on the website before subscribing to receive updates and giveaway announcements by dropping their email.

Why should you have your own list building process in-house?

One of my clients once contracted a website builder to build his website. This client defaulted on payment and the website builder hijacked his site and all the emails he had collected via his site. They argued about this site for months on end. One of the ways of mitigating against such problems is by working with only trustworthy clients. Should you have an issue with the person in future; will your emails be safe in the hands of this person? These are some of the pertinent questions you should ask before contracting outside help to build your website and email list.

Instead of using an agency to do your email marketing, you should start building your list and create strategies to collect the emails of people who visit your website daily. An agency may hold your emails ransom even if they collected them via your website. You may end up losing all the emails you have gathered over the years along with your trusted clients, to the agency that manages your email marketing.

Offering a product of value like a book or video link to an event that is of value will get visitors subscribing to receive that video or book (a PDF version). In return, you get access to confirmed emails. You can now communicate with these people weekly until you convert them to paying customers. This is very important to the growth of your company through digital channels.

It is also wise to give 20 – 50% off for a specific time. For a week or for the Christmas season or the holidays. It breeds loyalty in your customers.

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