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6 things to do after publishing your blog post

In the days of blogville, we didn’t view our blogpost as publishing, and we didn’t share our posts anywhere, we just blogged, and then we commented on other blogs

We got a rush of people to our site or we simply exchanged blog links and put them in our blogroll and we had a steady stream of traffic to our sites. That was then. That was personal blogs. Today, business blogs are more common than personal blogs and twitter is the microblogging site that made blogger less popular.

Today we need to start planning our marketing strategies to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible ever before we start writing our blog post.

Everyone is after more traffic and satisfying advertisers. How can we do this successfully?

With ten years blogging and doing social media, I share five things that will work for you every time if you apply it consistently.

What you do after publishing your new blog post?

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Are you posting on your social platforms?

If you are, this is great but inadequate to get you the kind of traffic you want. You must commit to sharing your content multiple times.
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After publishing your blog post, work is just starting. What work? The work of distributing your content so that as many people as possible get to see what you are writing.

After pushing the publish button, the next thing to do is:

Step 1: Edit your post

The worst thing that can happen to you is for a decision maker to see a spelling error in your blogpost. Except you are the Steven Spielberg of Digital marketing, don’t go around making spelling errors and not editing your work.

Check to see that the links are clickable. Is your image the proper size?

Are the SEO sections filled to make sure that your post can be found on google? Go over these again and again

Step 2: Share on Facebook Groups and Twitter

Share your content on your social platforms for the first time. Share them in your Facebook groups. Join Facebook groups in your niche. It is the smartest way to get real likes.

This is one of the strategies that gets you good views in a short time and committed readers who will also share your content. Join as many groups in your niche as possible.

Search for and become a committed member of at least 10 Groups in Facebook TODAY related to your niche and share your post in each one.

Step 3: Answer questions on Quora

One of the best ways toimprove your ranking is to start answering questions on Quora.
You can answer questions and add the link to your blog to them so that people can go to your
website for more information on what the question is about.


Do This Week:

Answer seven questions this week that are related to your niche.

Step 4: Answer in different Forums

It is important part to get some quality traffic in your blog.

Post answer in forums sites like Warrior Forum, Digital Point and etc….

Just answer the question which is relates to your Niche. Join conversation and reply to their questions. It can help you drive good traffic to your blog.

And also join various forums as well answer or reply to their questions. It is a best way to interact with them.

Sometimes, you can even drive sales through your affiliate links posted in forums or Q&A sites.

Do This Week:

Post 7 answers in Forums at least once a day in answers related to your niche.

Step 5: Comment on other Blog Post which Relates to your Niche

This is also a great way that you can really get a good visitors amount in your blog if you give a well informed comment on other blog posts.

Do not spam other comment section it will gonna make you spam and sometimes they will eve gonna block you.

So, spent time in writing a great paragraph of comment and post them in others blog post which is viral. Lastly, leave your link saying that “you may also like my blog post”.

Also, leave your comment below I will also allow you a link to your web address.

Do This Week:

Write 14 comments on famous 14 different blog posts.


You need to this regularly and each time you publish a new blog post. If you do this regularly you can hit great amount of visitors in your new blog post.

Try weekly strategy and you gonna win it.

Comment your thought below.

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