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5 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

Linda Ikeji and BellaNaija are two of the most popular bloggers in Nigeria.

They got the space in the mind of the masses before everyone else. If you are looking to be a successful blogger, you cannot use the business model they used.

You must find a way to distinguish yourself.

When it comes to blogging, one of the easiest strategies to get in the face of the viewers is to distinguish yourself. In this article I will be sharing on four different things to do that will give


  • Love Blogging


If you don’t love blogging, you will quit. Everyday might not be perfect, you may have days when you are tired or just having a bad day, you need to still be able to write on those days.

Write always. Write about the sights and sounds of a popular city or a new city, write about the places you have been to and the people you have met, where you have been, where you are at and where you are going. Write about what inspires you.

Inspire or captivate your audience with the way you view the world. Write about something of value that they will remember, what Nigerians love to call ‘takeaway’. If you love blogging, it will show and you will last as a blogger, you will write better, edit better, pick nicer pictures and just be passionate about what you do.

  • Have a niche


What is your niche? It is the area in which you have authority, specialisation, or are trained in.

It is your passion. It is the area in which you want to change a life, a community or a group of people. It is the area in which you want to make a difference in the life of another. It is an area in which you possibly know the most and so can consult, teach or train people in.

It can be writing, accounting, public speaking, conferences, financial inclusion, email marketing, online marketing, offline marketing, just plain marketing, product or/and services.

Whatever it is, you need to eat, live and breathe what you are talking about. When it is something you enjoy, sharing comes easier for you because you love what you do, this will set the tone of the writing and your readers will get a feel of what you are trying to communicate.


  • Read a lot


You can only write as good as you read.

I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot. – Bill Gates

Great entrepreneurs are good readers because they know that dreams are birthed out what you are thinking about throughout a day. Even if only 15 minutes of it turns out to be useful, you want to be having quality thoughts throughout the day. Think, write and read good stuff that is improving and developing you daily. What you read everyday is sharpening your rough edges and bring out something beautiful in you.


  • Write consistently


You need to write about what you do every day. Keep a notepad where you jot little titbits about how you want to change what you do daily. Write about the things that you are passionate about. Write about the things that will be useful to your viewers. As you do this, your posts will get shared. When it comes to niche blogs, people will follow a catchy headline to read your blog and if they find something useful about your post they will share it, if they don’t they might not come back to read your blog.


  • Share your blogs


Share your content. Have a sharing plan. Share what you write on different medium and interact with the content of like minds and others who have some value to contribute. Share your content multiple times a week or use software that will share your content many times to give you time to do other stuff.


  • Guest blogging


Write guest posts and share the guest posts of other bloggers in your niche or in a niche you have interest in. Guest blogging increases your reach. It helps your blogs (your guest blogger and you) to be seen by twice the number of people who have been seeing your blog posts or writings than normal.

This post was first seen on the BusinessDay website.


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