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5 Ways To Improve Conversions When Your Content Is Gated

Read this on how to improve conversions even when your content is gated. Some spectacular websites like, and have premium content and so are gated. Getting the conversions is a challenge worth beating.

While social media can be fun to the ‘average joe’, for the media manager it is fun with a goal and that goal is traffic.

website owner wants improved traffic and conversions from their content and my generation, the millennial-generation are demand conscious. The sales people are going to be best friends with you if you can keep their sales funnel full.

There are two terms that help website content.

  • Engagement
  • Content conversion

Engagement is when the content that is placed on a website or a Facebook page gets engagement or in lay man term receives responses from its audience.

Increasing conversions from content can greatly impact your sales funnel.


Content conversion is when an individual, or organization gives you information for FREE in exchange for content they find valuable, so it is not really free.


When you have great content, it fuels your demand generation funnel by adding new leads to your database, engaging inactive lead, nurturing target buyers etc


Some of the ways our team increases conversions from gated content are: –

1) Use Dark Social Data to Determine What Your Audience Wants to See More Of

Then deliver it.

What are dark channels? Dark channels are sources of sharing links that is not shown to a general public but to a group. How do you know where traffic is coming from? You can use  Now it is widely known in tech circles that 70% of sharing happens through dark channels like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack.

Dark social is an intelligent way of social listening used to figure out what your audience is sharing and the types of content they are engaging with, it gives you a clue of what they would want.


Our team uses data like this to make decisions on what content we should put in our nurture flows and drip campaigns, and what to put spend behind. We know that content being shared via dark social drives conversions, so if we promote these pieces to our database, they will drive higher conversions into your funnel.

2) Retarget Website Traffic with Related Content

Content retargeting is useful for creating leads for your clients. You can write specific content with different goals, one for awareness of the brand, another for lead generation, and the final one for interest, so that you gradually move them down the sales funnel.

3) Learn from Other Channels to Increase Email Open Rate, CTR, and LP Conversion

The fastest way to improve content downloads is by email marketing. It helps improve click through rate and provide proof that your audience is interested in engaging with your content. Create a landing page for each of your products and get the particular people interested in a certain product into a list so you can better meet their needs. Be very intentional about your subject line because it is a huge factor in deciding whether your email will be opened or not.


Ask important questions.


What is getting people’s attention and what drives clicks? Visit Facebook and Instagram and see which posts are getting the most engagement. To optimize for click-through rate, it’s all about email copy and design. I’ll get to the design part later. The goal of email copy is to spark interest and get people to click through to the landing page. I oversee our email programs, but our content team produces the content. I used to read the content and then write the email copy based solely on the content. Now I partner with our content team on the email copy. It really helps to get more than one set of eyes on copy. This allows us to keep messaging and voice consistent, and brainstorm different messaging and CTAs. If done well, this will increase your CTR.

4) Customize Your Subject Line and Email Copy


Tailor the messaging of your email based on the particular client you are working with. Studies show that personalised emails improve click-through rate by an average of 14% and conversions by an average of 10%


Write the content or emails and tailor it to each personas goals and needs pointing them to the same landing page. Find out the why in the content. What is there to gain in reading your content? This should increase your content fills.


5) Test and Refresh Your Email Templates


You should test your new email and landing page templates in order to stay fresh and optimize for click-through % and conversion.


Create a schedule so you know when you need to update your templates. This could be once or twice a year. You can use different layouts for existing customers and another for prospective customers.

Do the A/B testing for different templates using the same email copy to test if the design and layout increased click-through rate. When you are testing different templates, make sure to test each template multiple times to improve accuracy.

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