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4 ways in which guest posting improves your blog

Domain ranking is how advertisers gauge your website to see if it is worth it having a sponsored post on your site or putting an ad on your site. Guest posting also helps improve your SEO.

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How guest posting improves the domain ranking of your blog/website?

Guest posting” is the writing and publishing of an article on someone else’s website or blog. I offer this on my own site and do it quite a bit on other blogs and websites with audiences that I want to speak to. An ideal is guest posting fortnightly but I guest post once a month.


Guest posting is a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out. It can also get your brand out improving your brand awareness in the industry.


Guest posting increases your domain ranking. You may ask, what does domain ranking mean? Domain ranking is how advertisers gauge your website to see if it is worth it having a sponsored post on your site or putting an ad on your site. Guest posting also helps improve your SEO.


Find four ways in which guest posting is important to you and you should guest post monthly:


  • Improves traffic:

Guest posting improves and increases the traffic to your website. The link created by the guest post sends traffic to your website; it sends quality traffic to your website after someone reads your blog post. An increase in website traffic means that people are visiting your site to learn about your services, products and valuable information.

  • It is good for SEO:

When you make a monthly guest post within Google’s guidelines, this is good for SEO.

“Make sure you’re posting on real sites that are in your niche. If you do that, guest posting is a fantastic link building and internet marketing strategy” – Quick Sprout

Click the link on Quick Sprout and watch the video so you know some of google’s guidelines.

  • It is link building:

Publish high quality, useful content on relevant websites with a higher Domain Authority (DA) than you. It is link building, but you should not depend on it for link building. Use social platforms and forums.

  • Improves your ranking:

Guest posting on a site that is regularly updated will improve your ranking. Updating your blog posts with quality topics and high quality content makes a difference in the performance of our website and in the ranking of your site. You can head over to to check your website ranking so you know what you are working with.

  • Making your post social:

For bloggers, blog commenting is a huge part of building relationships with other bloggers. It is a relationship between blogs, bloggers and blog readers. You can build knowledge authority, exchange thoughts, opinions. Blog comment attracts other comments and blog traffic and makes your blog social.


Some Sites Where You Can Guest Post to Improve Your Ranking

  • Forbes

Forbes handles career, business or money making decisions. Any who is who in the influential industries in the business world read Forbes, to contribute on Forbes submit an article to

This website accepts personal only personal and lifestyle blog posts as free guest post monthly and share bios and social handles. This website accepts all niches as sponsored post.


Outbrain is the advertising industry and writing for them can get you noticed by the right people if that’s your niche. Click the link and follow directions


If you want to reach a lot of the female population working class or the housewives you can find them on Bella Naija. You will have to read through the entire page and send to the email with the right category


The Huff Post is where you go to be heard on issues of national interest and politics and ideologies. To contribute, click the link above and follow the directions


This webite accept only news stories from different parts of the world so if you are a blogger and are interested in reporting news in your country and sharing your bio to improve your domain authority (usually call DA) you should do this.


  • Mashable

Mashable accepts all kinds of articles; the best way to reach them is by mailing at


They accept articles in different niche visit their site and read the kind of contributors they already have, then select a niche for that is suitable and mail them via the link and register


The entrepreneur accepts articles from different genre but mainly content that is useful to the audience. It is great for start-up interviews and more, email the editor


  • BusinessDayNG

BusinessDay accept articles from any part of the world that is relevant to finance, energy and the economy. To contribute send an email to


Click through and flow the instructions


Naij accept articles from any part of the word that is useful to the Nigerian and West African audience. Follow the instructions on the link. You can also email at stating your intention, topic and article


  • Business Insider

Business Insider accepts articles from any part of the world that is useful to the audience in building their career or businesses. They favour a lot of how-tos articles. Send a polished draft of your content to




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