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4 reasons to hire smaller agencies to do your social media marketing

Creativity always changes things. It affects people’s lives and makes families, cities & nations better. It creates solutions and solves problems and most importantly it touches

Sometimes with creativity, the idea that a bigger agency is better is often sold via content marketing, but the reverse is the case. It is believed that with a bigger agency you have access to more resources. Big brands also have the habit of hiring big agencies as their agency of record but when it comes to digital marketing or a website redesign, they look to a smaller agency to get the job done. What is the secret wisdom they have about using smaller agencies? Four reasons to hire smaller agencies are:

  1. The gift of innovation and adaptation in smaller agencies:

The reason small agencies start is when creative people (2 or 3) work on an idea that ‘blows’ and hit it big. They do new things that make dramatic changes because of ideas, strategy and implementation. They are also willing to try new things and are more detailed than a larger agency that is focused on the financial gain and not the end product.

  1. They have niche specialization

The smaller individuals might not offer a wide range of services but are the authority in their niche. They have the best of the best on board or have been trained by the best in their niche area. They may specialize in making the best infographics, or in building strong communities on social media that are always engaged or in email marketing and not in all the areas. Some agencies focus on building infographic for big brands and specialize in that area. They make their mark in the infographic sector of social media. A small brand that is strong in the area that you want to strengthen in your digital marketing is better than a big brand that would not have the specific skills you require and would market generally instead of specifically.

  1. They don’t practice bait and switch

Big agencies usually charge big prices to do the same work a small agency can do just as well. A lot of time, it would be one staff assigned to doing the work contracted out to a big agency since they have a list of accounts and no time to focus on a particular brand. The agency just provides direction as the actual work gets done by an individual that may lack creativity or is pressed to produce too much content. A smaller agency will pitch to you the ideas they have and be the one to implement those same ideas and strategies.

  1. A smaller group cares about the end game:

A smaller agency is invested in the results you get. They care about winning for your business than winning the award. 68% of the advertising & public relations companies in the Nigeria employ no more than 5 workers. When you are thinking of accomplishing big results in your creative projects or digital branding, think small.


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