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How to boost your sales with Google Ads

The way in which people run ads have changed drastically.

E.g. Social media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the web. 96% of millennials (the young people) have joined a social network. There are over 100 million blogs on the world wide web.

Watch the video (The Social Media Revolution 2016) to see how much communication in the 21st century has changed.

Do you believe?

Social media isn’t a fad. It is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate

Want to improve your sales marginally? Google Ads can do this for you.

We have taught you about what you are not doing right on your Linkedin and how to improve your Twitter following and make it engaging. We also taught about building the right content and what the right content looks like. Since communicating has changed, we did a post on optimizing your website for mobile since 65% of people make inquiries online before making a purchase. We also taught you on what to do with the following you have on Facebook, you just can’t leave it sitting there. One of the smartest ways of building authority online is link building.

The Nigerian economy/waters is very different from what everyone has always known but it is also a very good ground for opportunity if you are eagle-eyed and able to spot the opportunities in the market in this season and there are many of them.

#1 SEO improving company and content marketing training company is on board to increase your sales by 50% and above when you sign up with SEONigeria to improve the sales in your company via a closer relationship with Google Nigeria.

Done Google Ads before and it didn’t give you the results you expected? Google personally manages your ads and places them in the most advantageous location on the internet, on over 10,000 blogs, on gmail, on etc.

Call us on 08171312685 if you are interested in trying Google Ad. Or you can leave your email when you make a comment and we will send you a proposal.

Google Ads is very user friendly but to ensure that you remain within the budget you have set for yourself, having seoNigeria manage your ad campaign is a great idea that would prove more rewarding because the company is in direct partnership with Google and can give your company the best advantage.

How to ensure that your Google Ad campaign yields the best results for you?


The Google/SEONigeria partnership helps you:

Reach your target clients:

The combined team of Google and SEONigeria will target the specific demography essential for the brand. Your ads will be directed to this particular target market at the appropriate time using appropriate keywords that would optimize a particular landing page on your website thus succeeding in increasing your brand awareness. You can also create particular ads targeted at selling a particular product and the Google team will give you priority when it comes to making sales. You would have the advantage over other brands in the marketplace.

Use a reasonable budget:

Depending on how much sales you would want to make, Google and SEONigeria have come up with a plan that would appeal to companies who make high level sales and are interested in improving the sales on a maximum level. The duo will optimize your ad to ensure that you get the most out of your monthly investment into advertisement. They will help you reach more people for less money.

Focus on changing the negative keywords:

Your keywords and how you use them matter. Be conscious of the negative keywords, use words that will get you in the right searches and will come from the target market you aim at reaching. This will result in greater profit if you can master using the right keywords.

Consider using Google Ads right to either push the awareness of your brand up or make the much needed sales. Call 08171312685 to speak with us.

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